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You’re ready to take your education to the next level. You’re ambitious and want to push your career further. You’re craving a personal challenge. Whatever your reason for studying or plans for the future, we are ready to help you get there.

in Track, we do things a bit differently, and student success is always at the heart of everything we do.

Quality assured programmes

We’ve been reviewed and accredited  by the National institute for quality control , and we are registered and accredited by the Egyptian Accreditation Council (EGAC). We also  received the award of ISO 21002:2018

Designed for direct and online delivery from the start

Our teaching materials have been designed within online delivery in mind from the very beginning. Our bite-size study materials are ideal for a busy professional who’s always on the move.

Most of our courses don’t have exams, and instead you’ll do written assignments, take part in group work or complete reflective journal entries. For the courses where exams are required, these are open-book exams that can be done at home using our rigorous eProctoring software.

Graduate from a university with a difference

The Universities that we represent. They are all accredited and ranked universities

All our Universities degrees are awarded and validated by the education authorities all over the world. This is your chance to benefit from world-class research and ground-breaking teaching, and become a member of a truly global community.

At the end of your degree, you’ll be invited to celebrate your achievement among family and friends at graduation held on the beautiful Campus, where you’ll receive the same certificate as students who studied on campus.

A study experience that’s both flexible and career-focused

There’s no need to press pause on the day job while you study with us. Our programs are designed to fit flexibly around your work, allowing you to gain the qualifications you need to get ahead in your current industry or a new one, without the need to take a career break.

What’s more, the skills you’ll develop on the program can be applied in your workplace from day one of the course. Many of our students take on new responsibilities, get promoted or switch to the field they’re studying their degree in, even before they finish their course. You don’t need to wait until graduation day to see the impact on your career!

Education that’s accessible to everyone

We know that students from a non-traditional background have just as much potential to succeed, and that’s why through some of our universities we offer multiple entry routes onto our degrees. All of our undergraduate degrees and postgraduate program have two entry routes – academic and work experience – so you don’t need to have A-levels or a Bachelor’s degree to start studying.

Our students come from all over the world, but you don’t need to hold an IELTS or TOEFL qualification to prove your English language ability. We offer a free online English test to assess whether you meet our minimum requirements if you don’t already have an English language qualification.

At a distance but never alone

No one is going to spoon-feed you a degree, but we’re here to help you face the challenge.

Our Student Advisers and study skills specialists provide world-class mentoring and academic study skills support to students from enrolment to graduation. On starting your course, you’ll be welcomed by a team of dedicated Student Advisers who will be on hand to help and guide you as you progress. Whatever the question or problem, rest assured, we’ll work with you to find the solution.

This is your opportunity to enjoy a student experience like no other. Let nothing stand in your way

  • Master of Business Administration is a postgraduate degree, that’s is why Track never represent except legalized accredited universities.
  • Universities in any country in the World divides into 3 different levels:- Legalized: Which is a university with a governmental legalization.
    – Legalized & Accredited: Legalization from a governmental sector is a must, then the university can take more private accreditation to strength its quality.
    – Legalized, Accredited & Ranked: These are the Elite of universities worldwide.

It is all about return on investment (ROI), please make sure to choose the best for you concerning both budget and duration.

An MBA is a highly recognized and respected qualification. However, there’s no denying that it requires hard work.

The advantages to achieving an MBA far outweigh the effort though are as follow:

  1. Acquire new skills and new perspectives

The main motive for undertaking any education is the desire to learn something new. And an MBA is no different. Although the program is aimed at working professionals with significant business experience, there will still be lots of new things to learn. The MBA program looks at the whole field of business and explores management, marketing, finance, HR, operations and more. An MBA teaches students the best practice in each of these areas.

  1. Advance your career

An MBA qualification on your CV/résumé gives you the edge you need to separate yourself from the competition. According to the latest figures, “96% of responding employers agree that hiring business school graduates creates value for their companies and 68% agree that recruiting graduates of MBA and business master’s programs is a priority in their company’s hiring plans.” Earning an MBA signifies your desire to move up the career ladder and can help you secure interviews for top positions. In particular, having an MBA from an accredited institution will definitely add a highlight to your CV.

  1. Increase your earning potential

According to a recent article in The Telegraph, business school alumni from the top 100 MBA courses (as defined by the FT’s ranking) were paid an average of $142,000 in 2020. This is in addition to other benefits sometimes available to those in higher management such as performance bonuses, a company car and healthcare.

  1. Open up global employment opportunities

The MBA is a globally-recognized qualification so you’ll open up greater opportunities to work in a country or geographical region of your choice.

  1. Set yourself a new challenge

Studying an MBA isn’t always about career progression; many of our students have simply reached the pinnacle of their career and want a personal challenge or they wish to fulfil an ambition of achieving a degree. After all, the MBA is considered the most challenging management qualification.

  1. Keep up with the competition

39 CEOs of the Fortune Top 100 companies hold an MBA. In today’s job market, it’s getting harder and harder to move up without a higher-level qualification. Completing an MBA will make sure that you have the credentials required to compete.

  1. Grow your professional network

MBA programs attract talented people from different industries, from all over the world. You’ll be able to learn from your classmates, share ideas, create professional networks and make friendships that last well beyond the academic experience. You’ll also learn from your peers and gain insight into different industries.

  1. Become your own boss

If you’re a budding entrepreneur, an MBA can help you reach your goals. During your studies you’ll gain the administration and leadership skills to set up your own business; this can include learning to write a business plan, plan a marketing campaign, forecast accounts and schedule production.

  1. Refocus your career

In high-level managerial roles there often isn’t time to reflect on your performance. An MBA can give you time out to refocus your career and could reignite your passion for business. Or if you’re beginning to feel stuck in your current role, an MBA is a great way to explore new horizons.

  1. Studying for an MBA is easier now than ever

MBA programs come in all shapes and sizes – you can study full-time, part-time, online and by blended learning. Advancements in technology have made distance learning more interactive than ever, so if you chose to study online you’ll get still get all the benefits you’d expect to receive from a campus-based program. And best of all, with a part-time and online MBA you don’t have to take time off from work!


The term “DBA” stands for “Doctorate in Business Administration”. A DBA program is a practice-based and professional doctorate degree with the same challenge and status as a PhD in Business Administration. In contrast to a PhD in Business Administration which requires professionals and students to develop existing theories in order to make a notable contribution to business scholarship, a DBA degree requires a considerable contribution to the academic knowledge that can be applied to the professional practice in a specific area of business. There are many reasons why a DBA degree is the best academic route to take.


Earning a DBA degree can significantly increase your chances to reach your personal and professional goals. Holders of this qualification have transferable skills and leadership qualities. They can aspire to positions requiring autonomous responsibility and unpredictable situations. A DBA degree program also offers the opportunity to learn about the latest management techniques and research methods. Regardless of your specialty, your interests or career goals, a DBA will help you boost your employability.


A DBA will expand your employability to help you pursue a range of exciting career paths such as senior managerial consultant, marketing brand manager, business systems analyst, information systems management consultant or business unit accountant. You may also choose an academic career such as a business professor at universities, colleges or business training centers. A DBA degree may also give you a higher salary with lucrative compensation packages.



He DBA program is undertaken on a part-time basis and typically completed over a period of five years. It is a great opportunity for professionals who do not want to give up their current work and wish to manage many other commitments during the DBA programs.

Actually the courses differ from one university to another please Browse our courses by links for each university:

Lincoln University:

Manipal GlobalNxt:

Sanaa University:




“Smart not hard” this is how you study MBA. You gain a lot of experience and learn how to think out of the box to manage under any circumstances and achieve your goals.

The study doesn’t depend on memorizing, exams are open book and most of them are case study.

It differs from one university to another please check the below links for more information:

Lincoln University:

Manipal GlobalNxt:

Sanaa University:




It differs from one university to another please feel free to contact us any time on


The main requires documents are:

  • Copy of Bachelor Certificate
  • Copy of Bachelor Transcript
  • Copy of a valid passport
  • 2 Personal photos with a white background
  • V
  • Copy of Master certificate (incase applying for doctorate)
  • Copy of master’s transcript (incase applying for doctorate)

Some universities require in addition to the above documents to fill an application.

Letter From Chairman

Hello, and welcome to Track International Academy. Track is devoted to international education offered by different internationally accredited with one common factor among all of them and Track, excellence in teaching, learning, and research and to developing leaders across disciplines who make a positive difference in their countries and the world. The greatest strength of any institution is its people, so to all in the Track community—and beyond—thank you for visiting and for supporting Track International Academy.

Prof / Ahmed EL-Safty


We cover the gap between theoretical academic knowledge and practical expertise based on market needs through our different consulting services and unique learning & development programs.

We aspire to be the first choice ever to work closely as a Business Consultant for all prospective clients in the MENA region to enhance the Business efficiency & profitability that will lead to positive outcomes for That given entity through our unique services/products with nonnegotiable Quality standards

We deliver high-quality standard custom-designed training programs that fulfill our clients’ needs and Satisfaction at different educational & professional Levels, providing them with the Know-How, using the latest updated training materials, tools, and technique applied through our Long years’ qualified experts and Young Creative team, in A friendly, welcoming and Environment that is led by our anticipated management Team, who we consider them as Our Valuable Assets and Internal Clients.

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